iColorama - my most favourite iPad/iPhone app ever :-)

Pretty much all of my art has been created on an iPad - the main app I am using is called iColorama.

Even though I love using all sorts of different apps - without iColorama I wouldn't be able to complete anything the way I do.

I am so very grateful for Teresita, the developer, to constantly add functionality to iColorama, and the facebook community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/icolorama/) for all their encouragement and help.

Just because it's so much fun - and because I wanted to give something back - I have started creating iColorama videos, where I explain some of the effects and features that iColorama offers. They are easily to be found by going into youtube and searching for 'H2 iColorama'.

And here the links - just click on the name of the video in blue, it will open the video in youtube.com in a new window (Or search for "   H2 iColorama   " in youtube):

Watercolour-Sketch Technique - Watercolour-Sketch combination technique by Katie Pertiet as demonstrated in this tutorial:   http://katiepertiet.typepad.com/desig...

I have tried to copy this this technique using iColorama - the basic steps are demonstrated here.

Brush - Stamped (on a model's face) - note: in this video I am also using quite a few other iColorama functions, without explaining in great detail. If there are any questions, either contact me directly or post to the facebook page called iColorama.

Preset - Compose - an effect that uses shapes and contrast of an underlying image to create a top layer that can be modified using existing patterns or photos. Very cool!

Brush - Stamped - a brush that uses the underlying canvas in combination with the selected brush  to get creative brush strokes, many surprises :-)

Effects - Blur - Blur presets #11 - #189 are using the blur function in combination with patterns, which gives a large variety of beautiful effects.

Style - Stamp - Stamp requires two images, it is distorting an overlying image based on the contrast of the underlying image

Preset - Tritone - Tritone shows the image in red-green-blue. Then it is possible to change each of these three colours to create a new result

Effects - Chroma - Chroma requires two images, the blues or the greens of the top image are being suppressed, and the underlying image shows through.

(There are many other tutorials and videos available, created by Jerry Jobe, to be found through the help button on the main iColorama screen. Also, Teresita has created many videos which are all in Vimeo, and also accessible through the help screen in iColorama

Other Stuff.... :-)

I have created a folder in my dropbox for all sorts of iColorama related topics. Here is the top level link that will contain all of it:   iColorama