H2 is alive :-)

... the centre of my Universe...

Greetings from New Zealand

Here the fun bits 'n pieces...

dreamland  -   iPad Art

three dots   -   iPad Art

cosmic and metaphorous musings   - iPad Art

catamorphosis - iPad Art

insight-out   - photoshopped on the biiiig Mac

flickr - this contains the most up-to-date collection of all the above :-)

For most of my creations I have used iColorama, my most favourite iPad app.

As it has such a huge amount of functionality it's always possible to find new effects with surprising results... 

Here the list of videos that I created to demonstrate some of those effects within iColorama... and more to come... :-)   --> iColorama Videos

The serious stuff

7Seconds Fitness - Explained 

7Seconds Fitness - Exercise Details (contains link to my old website, which are not valid any longer, please ignore those)

Pets and Home :-)

Kulta - Gold

Abode in Green

RussianBlue - Cats with an Attitude

My favourite websites

Mastering Alchemy

Tom Kenyon

Heide Hoffmann and Tim Ward

29 Campbell Avenue

Paraparaumu 5032

New Zealand

T: 64 4 296 1811

M: 64 27 505 8379 (Heide) - don't really try to use this - it's either forgotten at home, switched off or out of power....

M: 64 21 720 286 (Tim)

E: just use our first name @  the name of this website 

    or try this: Tim   -   Heide

    (we only want to get friendly emails  :-)

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Why a website called 'haupa'?

haupa is the Maori word for 'cogwheel'.

Cogwheels for me have the meaning of balance and integration - even if a 'cog' isn't quite perfect, every cog has its place on the wheel (... in society ...) to make it whole.  

and... the book... 

Spirit's Lessons - Exploration of the 

Spiritual Relationship between Cat and Human



Download book pdf version - can be read in iBooks on the iPad! 

Large Version (Full size photos)

Small Version (Reduced photos, lower quality)

I knew it would change my life when my partner Tim and I decided to get a kitten. I would never have dreamt that I could end up with a cat that doesn't want to be called a cat - and that gives me advice, whether I asked for it or not. A Cat Person that seemed to know me better than I knew myself, that would open my eyes to my own possibilities and limitations.

Spirit's Lessons were direct and clear - no fluff. 

He was usually very short in his answers, and precise. Often I didn’t like what I heard, but, I did consider his words. I did try to see, if following his advice would improve things, would work, with the result that I learnt a lot about myself in those months.... and I could easily see the difference it made, when I honestly changed my way of thinking and behaving, after following his suggestions. Always trying out what serves me best.....

Spirit made me listen to myself. Connecting spiritually - soul, body and mind as one.  He helped me see that total acceptance and trust of  myself is possible, and ‘even I’ can get there. 

He showed me that there is a difference between listening to my brain and listening to my heart.

After half a year of Spirit's Lessons, I feel exquisite, brilliant, empowered, independent, full of joy and a love of life. I have never known such a sense of freedom before.

The book is the diary of six months of Spirit’s Lessons, describing our path together, the struggles and the joys,  in both the spiritual and  physical reality.

It is also a collection of about 300 beautiful photos of Russian Blue kittens during the first year of their life. 

If you'd like to read the book, please see download instructions at the top of this page.

Please note - it is possible to read the book on an iPad by using the free application "iBooks" as well as on any other computer that allows reading .pdf files.